Highly dynamic drive system

Precision - Dynamics

The drive unit is capable of positioning a 5 kg load with a travel distance of 25.0 mm and a repeat accuracy of 1 µm in just 0.15 seconds. The load point in this case is at a distance of 250 mm from the unit and also acts as a lever on the barely 30 mm high module.

OEM product

The product is suitable for a range of applications and operating conditions. We offer you complete design and production services for your specific use case.

We are happy to offer a suitable drive solution for your problem. Simply send us your performance requirements. We'll find a solution even for your drive system problem.

Drive power:30 to 500 watts
Stroke length:10.0 to 280.0 mm
Accuracy:Standard: 10 µm
Precision: 2 µm
High: 0.5 µm
Loads:Up to 50 kg