LAN precision actuator

Variable design

Positioning in the µm range is possible with this unit with a direct spindle load of up to 100 N peak. The unit itself is designed for an acceleration load of up to 45 g. The unit can be delivered with a power rating of between 16 and 90 watts according to the requirements. The spindle lengths are customisable. The position of the motor relative to the electronics is also implemented according to the requirements.

Power over LAN

The motor is powered over the LAN connection. Up to 90 watts are possible in this manner. Onboard intelligence makes it possible to calculate and perform complex functions directly at the location without loading the network. Sensors and additional actuators can be integrated. This is a modular and flexible OEM product which is also suitable for your application.

Drive power:16 to 90 watts
Stroke length:10.0 to 280.0 mm
Accuracy:Standard: 20 µm
Precision: 2 µm