LAN lock

Security locking system

Electronics and firmware for the lock were developed for high-level security requirements. Encrypted communication and a higher-level ADMIN concept make it possible to manage 4000 and more locks using a conventional PC.

The management of real-time sensors via the lock is patent-pending.

We offer you a flexible system which can be adapted to your requirements. Extremely short setup times per lock (approx. 10 seconds) and flexible access assignment using a PIN system make for easy and straightforward management of access rights.
Open via RFID code? No problem - just ask.

OEM product

The product is suitable for a range of applications and operating conditions. We offer you complete design and production services for your specific use case. Hardware including software. Tell us about your use case and we supply you with the complete locking system as OEM product. (Windows, doors, containers, cabinets...)

The locking system characterises the high level of component development competency at CEMEC. System and concept design are included in the package along with the hardware, firmware and software development for the complete modules.

You obtain everything from a single source, right down to the readily-packaged product.