Real Time Sensor Technology

Vibration sensor

The sensor system was developed in order to be able to operate and monitor several hundred sensors simultaneously (limit/threshold value monitoring).

The sensor has integrated intelligence. This performs signal processing on the one hand and communicates with the higher-level Ethernet structure on the other hand. Vibration values up to a frequency of 1600 Hz are measured in this example. If the values are within the limits defined by the user, then the sensor sends a signal indicating that conditions are normal to the administrator at a defined interval. If the values go outside of the limits, then this is indicated to the administrator immediately along with the measured value. Unnecessary network traffic is avoided in this manner when several hundred sensors are active. (Patented)

Relative humidity and temperature

The relative humidity/temperature sensor operates on the same principle. The limits defined by the user are stored in the sensor itself. If the sensor is installed in a different location, then it automatically reports to the ADMIN, reports its function (vibration or temperature sensor) and starts evaluating data 2 seconds later.

The sensors can easily be wired in series. Power is supplied from the nodes over the communication bus via POE without additional wiring.

Thanks to the modular design with intelligence, any sensors and active circuit components can be implemented.