LAN lock

Precision actuator

The unit consists of an external rotor with integrated spindle.
Positioning in the µm range is possible with this unit with a direct spindle load of up to 100 N peak. The unit itself is designed for an acceleration load of up to 45 g. The unit can be delivered with a power rating of between 16 and 90 watts according to the requirements.

Positioning drives with software round out the offering.
The unit is ideally suited to integrated drive solutions, even in a vacuum.

OEM product

The product is suitable for a range of applications and operating conditions. We offer you complete design and production services for your specific use case.

We are happy to offer a suitable drive solution for your problem. Simply send us your performance requirements. We'll find a solution even for your drive system problem.

Drive power:16 to 90 watts
Stroke length:10.0 to 280.0 mm
Accuracy:Standard: 20 µm
Precision: 2 µm