The device can be moved from its storage position to the operating position easily with one hand.
The camera automatically swivels into the right position. The complete movement is spring-balanced and requires very little force.

The device illustrates the full range of CEMEC services. The customer supplied the design data and the space required for the integrated electronics. All development and design of the mechanical parts and modules was performed by CEMEC.

CEMEC Services

Housing module with integration of the electronics

Mechanical concept, complete design, FEM modelling, filling simulation and selection of the plastics
Sprue designs, tool designs, definition of the injection parameters
Supplying of the tools and zero series

CEMEC Services

Development of the overall device concept in close partnership with the designer and customer.
Development and design of all components and gearings, incl. integration of the electronics
Modelling and design of the gearings, strength values and the sprues
Selection of the materials and suppliers

CEMEC Fabrication

Prototype construction, supplying of tools, sample series, zero series parts


The device uses the digital camera mounted on the head to record images with a high depth of field. The image data is made available through various interfaces, e.g. for a projector or further analogue/digital processing.


Complex motion sequence in the folding arm for very smooth and easy motion, incl. swivelling of the camera with a purely mechanical link, for one-handed operation