APO-Sonnar 4/1700 T*

APO-Sonnar 4/1700 T*

The lens project was a partnership with Zeiss-Oberkochen.

CEMEC developed the mechanical concept, completed all mechanical design work and built the lens. The only specifications where the optical calculations provided by Zeiss-Oberkochen.
Static modelling and design of the structure, thermal modelling of the lenses and the high requirements with regard to accuracy led to a mechanical design which had never been implemented before. Even the lens mounts were implemented with new, innovative technology developed by us. The focus and temperature compensation drives provide µm-accuracy positioning. Passive temperature compensation was implemented for every individual lens in the system.
The lens is operated and controlled via a touch screen using software developed by us in house.
Manufacturing of the individual lenses, assembly of the optics and final calibration were performed by Zeiss Oberkochen after the finished structure was delivered.

For this lens, CEMEC developed a custom tripod which can be controlled in all 3 degrees of freedom using two trackballs located on the lens.

Technical Data

Total length:2000 mmWith lens hood
Diameter:630 mmOuter shell
Weight:256 kgLens without tripod
Focal length:1700 mmFixed focal length
Luminous intensity:4F-stops from 4-32
Main lens:420 mmDiameter
Focus travel:230 mmequivalent of 35m to ∞
Magnification:21 - timesAngle of view approx. 2.3°
Connection:HasselbladDigital 6x6